Discover the Power of Wellomics Evidence-Based Wellness Solutions.

WE UNLOCK nature’s healing power with science-based advancements for the nutraceutical,
functional food/beverage, personal care and pet markets.

WE PROVIDE innovative, regulatory compliant and integrative health formulation technologies that ensure client’s brand equity and IP.

WE CREATE new markets and expertly reframe existing ones using leading-edge science and technology.

Wellomics Vision: To support vibrant, optimal wellness and extend an individual’s healthspan throughout the lifespan.

Wellomics Mission:  Using nature as our model, we help our clients make the best natural product solutions.


Proprietary informatics, formulations, manufacturing, and validation technologies to measure, drive and reinvent markets.


Using the latest physiologic self-monitoring mobile devices and other emerging technology for self-tracking, auto-analytics and personal informatics, along with leading wellbeing formulas and approaches to determine maximum Vitality HealthSpan.


Low investment with high-value revenue return on market-differentiated superior formulas that target emerging market trends and help you create them.