Wellomics’ turn-key services include: Rapid Concept Development, Product Formulation, Regulatory Compliance, Manufacturing Project Management and State-of-the-Art Validation Studies.

We use market research and proprietary formulation technologies to ensure brand differentiation and maximize bioavailability. In addition, our validation studies (preclinical, clinical) use state-of-the-art omics technologies, crowdsourcing of efficacy/safety outcomes, and clinical study services to support NDI, self-affirmed GRAS and label claims.

key formulation categories

Energy Enhancement

Detoxifcation & Gastrointestial

Cardiovascular Support

Multi-Vitamin / Mineral

Microbiome Related

Weight Loss

Anti-Aging (healthspan)

Cold/Flu and Immune Support

Sexual Enhancement

Stress Reduction

Sleep Support

General Methylation Pathway Support (Eplgenetics)

Cognitive Enhancement

Structural and Inflammation Pathways

Personalized Wellness (based on methylation/ epigenetics, SNPs)

"The science in "science-backed" needs to be robust....People want to see not just that your product works but how it works....The truth is that people want solutions....Offer them real solutions with real science, and the supplement industry can turn customers into believers...."

Rick Polito
Nutrition Business Journal
Editor in Chief