From the Invisible to the Visible

“Condition-Specific has had the biggest changes in the last 20 years, more to a scientific ‘dose’ specific vs. the ‘holistic’ shot gun ‘naturopathic’ formulas… Additionally Dr. Oz. Sensationalized single herbs. We need to see formulas again…”

Rick Polito
Nutrition Business Journal
Editor in Chief

It is time for formulation technologies to go beyond simply mixing ingredients together and hoping for the best. The dehydration and aggregation methodologies used for the past century to mass produce vitamins in tablets and capsules, often result in products that are artificial and possibly harmful to the human digestive system.

Dr. Mark Neveu uses his molecular cell biology background to think outside-the-box to develop his high quality products. Employing biophysics to work with the most difficult natural products enables him to work at a level of unprecedented precision to target maximum absorption. Advanced diagnostic tests and fingerprinting technologies (i.e. genomics/proteomics) guide his formulation strategy allowing him to catalyze novel insights into effective and innovative product.

His bar is high – using only the purest and most exceptional ingredients, he will not compromise the integrity of a product’s absorption capabilities. To that end, he prefers his products to be GMO-free, gluten-free, and excipient-free when possible, and refuses to use binders or fillers or fructose corn syrup.

Unencumbered by pharmaceutical product barriers, he is able to market natural molecules as dietary supplements, functional foods/beverages or related direct-to-consumer markets. Our portfolio of proprietary informatics, formulations, manufacturing, and validation technologies are designed to maximize market opportunities and brand loyalty.