Leading the Wellomics “HealthSpan Revolution” is Founder and CEO, Mark Neveu PhD.

“I am passionate and focused on forging the next generation of natural approaches to epigenetic influences— working with nature and the body to create balance and ultimately a high quality healthspan. We see ourselves as an innovation engine geared to finally unlock nature’s prodigious healing powers. Merging the newest scientific disciplines, we combine systems biology, omics, epigenetics, biophysics and integrative health, with the scientific rigor of today’s cutting edge technology, to advance and revolutionize the science of wellness.”

Solid science meets leading-edge 21st Century Alchemist

Many refer to him an ‘alchemist, because he approaches hard science with an artistic, open-ended inquiry that has led him to formidable discovery. He is known for thinking beyond the limitations that halt most other scientists from discovery. His alchemy comes into play where his sense of art and creativity meets his background in the hard sciences.


Broad-based proficiency for increasing bioavailability with ranges from:

  • Excipient free capsules, soft gels, liquids (e.g. sprays, tinctures), functional beverages, etc.
  • Complex liquid formulations such as emulsions and dispersions from natural-nano to micro.
  • Biophysical analysis-based formulation to facilitate absorption.



  • Founder Wellah™ that licensed over fifty innovative science-based natural health products to companies with established marketing channels. The company also provided strategic partners with regulatory consultation to ensure products are manufactured in cGMP facilities and are compliant with FDA/FTC regulations.
  • Established pioneer in personalized wellness. Developed several nutritional supplements based on specific single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).
  • President/CEO of the National Foundation of Alternative Medicine, where he created efficient strategies for the international identification and clinical evaluation of the most promising complementary and alternative therapies for degenerative diseases in over 25 countries.
  • As an honorary fellow of the Harvard School of Public Health at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, he performed research to identify several novel tumor suppressor genes (e.g. Maspin).
  • For eight years he supervised a mechanism based drug discovery laboratory at Pfizer responsible for molecular and cellular biology in both cancer and immunological diseases.
  • His research team at Pfizer contributed to the identification of several novel drugs including Tarceva™ (CP-358,774) that was the first FDA approved personalized therapy for lung and pancreatic cancers.
  • Mark later established the first collaboration in the pharmaceutical industry with Abgenix to develop and patent a biologic therapy for cancer immune enhancement (CTLA-4).  Pfizer licensed the patents to AstraZeneca that later received FDA approval (Tremelimumab™).
  • Mark has published numerous articles in the leading scientific journals (e.g. Science and Immunity), served as inventor on several issued patents, and been awarded NIH grants.
  • Studies on epigenetic molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis.
  • Established state-of-the-art biophysics and nanotechnology company that developed numerous proprietary all natural formulation technologies.

Scientific Credentials

  • BS in Biochemistry and Nutrition from Virginia Tech, where he conducted research on the chemical synthesis of anti-cancer natural products and analytical chemistry.
  • PhD in Experimental Oncology and Toxicology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the laboratory of Dr. Henry Pitot, the founding Chairman of President Nixon’s National Cancer Advisory Board.
  • Honorary Fellow in Interdisciniplinary Health at T.H Chan Harvard School of Public Health and Dana Faber Cancer Institute.