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Join us to co-create products that capture nature's intelligence and lead the way to the future of personalized evidence-based wellness.
We will help you merge science with technology to capture the power of the Quantified Self movement using devices, biochemical tests, genomic data (e.g. SNPs), and other direct-to-consumer self-monitoring mobile tools.

These leading scientific disciplines are currently on the forefront of the emerging integrative health movement.  Previously inaccessible because they were cost-prohibitive for non-pharmaceutical companies to use, they are ripe for use in the wellness sector.  Using them, we have the ability to repurpose the focus of interdisciplinary fields on the natural products industry, thereby facilitating the momentum of emerging HealthSpan Revolution.  Wellomics is qualified to apply this suite of disciplines to your formulation process. The fusion of these breakthrough disciplines are the toolkit for a quantum leap in the art of formulation.


Omics give a low-cost, fast and comprehensive snapshot that follows the changes occurring in the body in response to a product. Previously we had to to measure one thing at a time but The Human Genome Project (HGP), has given us the tools for the first time to look at a human’s complete genetic blueprint from DNA, RNA to proteins etc. We can now study what is happening in healthspan innovation and rapidly profile intervention.




External stimuli such as lifestyle and environment, can influence your healthspan, and in turn genes can shut on and off causing changes in gene expression and thus, changes in your body, without actually involving the underlying DNA. This knowledge provides a new framework for understanding the way your body records and responds to your lifestyle and environment.



The fusion of biology and physics allows us to create formulations that mimic even the most minute natural processes that can be effectively utilized by living systems. Imagine applying the laws of physics to biological processes in order to target the underlying patterns and cycles— from organs to cells, molecules and atoms. The quantum mechanics required to understand some of the processes down to nanometer scale.
“Nature is the ultimate nano-chemist.”   Dr. Mark Neveu


Systems Biology

According to the Institute for Systems Biology it is a holistic approach to deciphering the complexity of biological systems that starts from the understanding that the networks that form the whole of living organisms are more than the sum of their parts. It is collaborative, integrating many scientific disciplines—biology, computer science, engineering, bioinformatics, physics and others—to predict how these systems change over time and under varying conditions, and to develop solutions to the world’s most pressing health and environmental issues.


“Every great advance in science
has issued from a new audacity
of the imagination”.
John Dewey
The Quest For Certainty