Client Benefits

Companies go from idea to market with rapid acceleration, low investment and a high-value revenue return.

  • Quick reaction time
  • Scientifically proven nutrition-based quality
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment, new technologies and IP
  • Regulatory adherence to ensure FDA/FTC and Prop 65 compliance
  • Guidance on market mechanisms, psychographics and demographics
  • Protect your IP, ensure your brand is proprietary and exceeds consumer expectations
  • Turnkey services from concept to product development to manufacturing project management to customer engagement and beyond

Merging of Art and Science

Our ‘secret sauce’ is alchemical innovation—made from the precise blend of proven science, technology, originality,  inspiration and creativity. Then we add premium standards of research, quality and ingenuity to natural health products and foods. The final product is market-differentiated, with unequivocal, non-toxic bioavailability.