Success Engine

  • Create Superior Brands with Market Differentiation
  • Low investment with a high Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Target future market trends- and help co-create products that address them

“The science in ‘science-backed’ needs to be robust…The Industry owes a great deal to the ancient wisdom of herbalists, but, while there is always a place for wisdom, this is the age of science. People want to see not just that your product works but how it works…The truth is people want solutions…Offer them real solutions with real science, and the supplement industry can turn customers into believers…”   
Rick Polito, NBJ Editor in Chief

We provide the solution.  Wellomics’ unique knowledge and scientific capabilities create innovative protection from your competition by generating intellectual property. The Wellomics Catalyst Discovery Process  (CDP), ensures that our clients will become leaders in the shift to consumer-driven, evidence-based wellness.

Trend Forecasting

In order to remain competitive in the fast-paced nutritional marketplace, it is critically important to stay ahead of the curve. Our extensive network of leading experts in marketing, science, business and legal affairs, specialize in the health and wellness sectors. Trends come and go, but Wellomics focuses on science that support vital living options that become part of the fabric of our lives.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge and vision in targeting key healthcare trends that will lead to increased revenue and profitability. We know how consumers think—from Baby Boomers to Gen X, Y and  Z.  Our goal is to identify desires and future needs and deliver the products they will demand.

The “Dr. Mark Factor”

Dr. Mark’s  leading edge exploratory research, translational formulation development and and insight into unlocking nature’s healing powers leads the way to our clients’ success…..